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Sponsor, Donate, or Volunteer

How To Help

Most of what we do is get people together. To do so means having space, providing food, and many times providing childcare and interpretation (English to Spanish). Much of our budget goes to this so that we can lift up the voices of those most impacted by mental health; parents, caregivers, and trusted community health workers. 

For all the ways to help below, you can contact us directly at or complete the “Contact Us” form.


Our main needs are for 

  • Cooks/bakers
  • Food service
  • Childcare
  • Interpretation (English/Spanish)
  • Translation  (English/Spanish)

If you have other skills you want to contribute (art, IT, emotional support, etc.), then reach out as well. We are a creative bunch and have great ideas that are waiting for the right person to implement them. 

Sponsor or Donate

You can use the chart below to get an idea of our typical event sizes and costs (for food). Let us know if you can:

  • Provide event or meeting space for free for any event size
  • Provide food for free for any event size

If you are looking for sponsorship opportunities, then contact to discuss how this could benefit your business. Please also let us know if you are looking for larger or more specific donations.

If you are looking to donate any amount of money for any reason, then click here to be directed to the MHA Wisconsin donation page. Make sure to specify in “Please direct my donation to” section that you want the donation to go to “Milwaukee Coalition for Children’s Mental Health” and then list any particular purpose in the “other” section. 

  • If you want to know about our financial status, then please reach out to us directly.

5-12 people 12-20 people 20-35 people 35-40 people 50+ people
Food Cost $50-75 $75-115 $100-140 $125-175 $150-250