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Make Art

How To Help

Make art in meetings (virtual or in-person)! At our meetings, we provide pipe cleaners and colored pencils because people learn in different ways. Whether you doodle, color, make origami, sculpt with clay or pipe cleaners, or whatever else, make art while you wait or listen or discuss.

How it helps

Keep your mind thinking about children and their mental health while you keep your hands busy. We hope that by making this a practice, you will remember us during your meeting. There are plenty of times that children’s mental health could impact a decision but it can only do so if someone is thinking about it and willing to bring it up. In addition, the practice of making art in meetings gives permission to other people to show up in the ways that they learn. 

If you make something, share it with us. Mail it to our MHA Wisconsin office at the address below or email a picture to