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Raise Up Lived Experience Leadership

How To Help

Allow people with lived experience, & Community Health Workers to attend education events for FREE. Try to get rid of jargon too.

How You Can Do This

Add a fresh perspective to your event conversations and spread your useful knowledge to the people who can be your best advocates. People with the most to gain and offer are often the ones who experience the most barriers to participating in such events.

Value context expertise as much as content expertise in your teams & boards. Increase the role and authority of (parent) advisory groups and the representation of these advisors in decision-making groups (boards of directors, etc.). Pay people for their time and talent.

How it helps

Lived experience provides invaluable first-hand knowledge for decisions which book knowledge can miss. Make smarter decisions at all levels from start to finish and reflection. Smarter decisions mean smarter systems that work for all of us.

If you want to change an outcome, you change the system;

if you want to change a system, you change who makes decisions.

Help us lift up lived experience leaders! Are you part of group without people most impacted by the decisions you are making? Let us know. Do you know leaders who can be lifted up? Let us know. Help us sponsor their leadership development with us.