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Read with friends or with a child

How To Help

Read a book from these Social Emotional Learning (SEL) lists. Read it to your kids, volunteer to read it at a local early childhood education center or school, or make a video of reading it yourself. You can also start a book or article club for some of our resources.

How it helps

Children’s books can have important messages for all ages, especially when it comes to social and emotional (SEL) skills such as identifying and expressing emotions, coping with stressful situations, and resolving conflicts. The more that kids (and adults) can have these lessons emphasized the better. If you make a video, share it with us and we can share it so others can listen. 

Article Club

Instead of committing to read an entire book, you select articles based on a theme to read together. Get a group of friends, parents, or coworkers together to have conversations on children's mental health with any of our articles on the website. Let us know if you start an article/book club so we can share it or let us know if you need suggestions for articles to read. This is a great way to open conversations on tough topics such as mental health concerns or racial equity.