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Share Our Resources

How To Help

Reach out to parents, caregivers, and others in your community with information about toxic stress, trauma, protective factors and local opportunities they can act on throughout the year.

How it helps

Everyone has a role to play in improving children's mental health. You get to inspire people with this fact and give them the tools to have that positive impact.

Children’s Mental Health Awareness Day

What better time to share our resources than this day! The first full week of May is Children's Mental Health Awareness Week and that Thursday is declared Children's Mental Health Awareness Day. This year, it is Thursday, May 7th, 2020.

"It is an entire week dedicated to teaching people about children’s mental health, advocating to improve supports and services and celebrating all the work that has been done to raise awareness in the past! We celebrate the hope, strength and resilience of children, parents, and families."

Our full toolkit can be found here:

Find out more information on the national efforts here: