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Brand new Next Step Clinic.
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A team of 10 Marquette faculty, led by a pair of psychology professors, will join with two African-American churches and other neighborhood institutions, which will form a city-wide referral pipeline for the clinic.

“Significant racial disparities exist in the identification and treatment of child developmental delays or disorders, including Autism Spectrum Disorder and social-emotional concerns,” Leah said.

It can sometimes be difficult to consider how exactly to recognize Black History Month. What can you do? Here are six ideas for honoring Black History Month.

There is a genuine skill to meeting new people and establishing relationships with them. And, you don’t even have to be a social butterfly to master it!

Recent studies have shown how volunteering with people or a cause you care about can actually mitigate depression and anxiety issues. Here's how.

If you strive to live an altruistic lifestyle, there are a variety of different ways to be more charitable without spending money. Here are some ideas to try.

Check out coverage of the successful Disability Voter Registration Week media event at IndependenceFirst that was hosted by the Mental Health Task Force.

The Family Voices of Wisconsin care coordination training uses tools like care mapping and a Shared Plan of Care to explain the importance of having a medical home, care coordination and integrated health care for every child.

Our partner, Children's Hospital of Wisconsin Community Services, is highlighted, including one social worker's trauma-responsive approach in which she met with the young people in venues where they were comfortable, including taking a walk through the park.