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Children’s Mental Health - News

News about events in Milwaukee related to children’s mental health, as well as news from experts in children’s healthy development, how trauma affects children and families, and improving mental health.

Look Who's Turning One, a birthday party for Milwaukee babies who reached their first birthdays in 2018, also called attention to infant mortality.

It is expensive for people to live in poverty. It is expensive for our country for people to live in poverty.

"Every child deserves the chance to make the most of their life, regardless of the circumstances in which they grow up. By intervening early and offering the right support in the right place, at the right time, we can make a huge difference."

Childhood traumatic stress from violence, abuse, corporal punishment and neglect contribute to educational outcomes such as excessive absenteeism, school dropout and school performance.

How to Release Creativity: 1) Separate generation from evaluation, 2) Define the sandbox explicitly, 3) Focus on the positives, not the negatives

“Scientists have known that a mother's environment during pregnancy, including factors such as poor diet, stress or infection, can cause damage negatively impact her offspring” Researchers “now show that a father's stress can also affect offspring development"

"As a society, we need to get much better at identifying when seemingly ‘difficult’ behaviour may be a reaction to a traumatic event or a sign of emotional distress...Trauma-informed care involves listening to young people and understanding their situation and their needs."

“A healing centered approach to addressing trauma requires a different question that moves beyond “what happened to you” to “what’s right with you” and views those exposed to trauma as agents in the creation of their own well-being rather than victims of traumatic events”

Check out this snippet from Wisconsin Health News panel discussion on the mental health system's transformation. Video features Mary Neubauer, a certified peer specialist and community advocate.

A new report breaks down the geographic and racial distribution of this trauma