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Kids Books for SEL


Each book below links to read-aloud videos. You can also find the books in the Milwaukee Public Library.

All of the books teach SEL skills. They can also help with tough conversations such as about death, bullying, being yourself.

Social and emotional learning (SEL) is about how people handle their emotions, accomplish their goals, and relate and work together with others. These skills in young children are the foundation for healthy brain development; these skills in adults can influence decisions that impact young kids and their families. For example, SEL skills in practice may change how an adult responds to behaviors from kids, even whether they see them as challenging or developmentally appropriate or needing support. In this way, we can start early teaching SEL skills to improve mental health and racial equity outcomes.

  • Self-Awareness - naming your own emotions, knowing your strengths and limits, a stable sense of confidence
  • Self-Management - motivating yourself, setting goals, staying organized, saying "no" to impulses, keeping your boundaries
  • Social Awareness - "walk a mile in someone else's shoes" - empathy, appreciating diverse experiences, respecting others
  • Relationships Skills - healthy communication, handling conflict, teamwork, making and maintaining friends
  • Responsible Decision-Making - understanding consequences of actions

Kids Books (Ages 0-4)

Kids Books (Ages 4-8/4+)