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Compassion Resilience


If you work as a caregiver for people living with mental health disorders, as a professional or as a family member, you know it is hard work. It has its rewards and definitely has its challenges. Supporting someone who has complex needs, who is experiencing hardship, and may be in pain can take a toll on your own well-being. There's a good chance that at some point you've felt exhausted, lonely, apathetic, frustrated, and/or burned out. This is your compassion gradually lessening over time - referred to as "Compassion Fatigue". Compassion Fatigue is very common, and it is not your fault. 

Our partners at Rogers InHealth and WISE (the Wisconsin Initiative for Stigma Elimination) have dedicated themselves to developing free, in-depth resources for parents and caregivers, schools, and for those in the health and human services field. Check out the Compassion Resilience Toolkits website for more information and to access the free toolkits. The videos below are an excellent introduction to what Compassion Resilience means for you. Or, if you prefer to learn with cats, this page might be right up your alley!