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Children's Mental Health Awareness Day Toolkit

Thank you for committing to share messages with your network for Children’s Mental Health Awareness Week. You can copy and paste directly into your Facebook accounts (or other communication channels. Also, feel free to mix and match with resources (your own or elsewhere in the toolkit), hashtags, and other things you want to say. We have plenty of resources on our website intended to be shared liberally, including three stories from our Coalition members about their experiences raising children or supporting other parents in raising children with mental health concerns.

We want to acknowledge that much of our messaging comes from the Early Childhood Colorado Partnership, which worked with Frameworks Institute. The messages and metaphors on their website are tested with audiences such as parents, early childhood educators, and the general public. In addition, please utilize additional photos from Early Childhood Colorado Partnership on their photobank webpage or profile pictures, cover photos, or other images from the Mental Health America Mental Health Awareness Month Toolkit.

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  • #RethinkDiscipline
  • #EndExpulsion #IgniteInclusion
  • #ChildrensMentalHealth #ChildrensMentalHealthAwareness
  • #WobblyTables
  • #AllTogetherforProsperity
  • #ItTakesAVillage #WeAreTheVillage
  • #NoSuchThingAsABadKid
  • #SupportTheFutureLeaders
  • #ActEarly
  • #StrongFoundationforMentalHealth
  • #AllParentsNeedSupport

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