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Autism Screening Initiative: Engaged Community Quality Improvement Project (ECQuIP)

Milwaukee ECQuIP (Engaged Community Quality Improvement Project) is a project of Marquette University, Mental Health America, and the Milwaukee Coalition for Children's Mental Health. It is designed to decrease the time to autism diagnosis and services for inner-city, minority children. 

Autism is a brain-based condition that affects children’s growth.  It causes delays in language and social interaction, which may affect a child’s lifelong outcome. Autism can be identified in children as young as 15 months, although many children, especially children of color, are not identified as having autism until much, much later. This is a disparity, in that there is nothing biological that should affect why a child of color does not have access to autism services. This disparity affects the potential of these children to access services earlier that help them grow and gain skills.

Family Navigation 

A Family Navigator is a person who guides a family through the process of accessing healthcare and services. Family Navigation has been shown to decrease barriers and improve access to healthcare and services for families from minority backgrounds. 

Whether you are concerned that your child may have autism, or your child has received an autism diagnosis but you don't know what to do next, our Milwaukee ECQuIP autism family navigators are here to help. They are experienced professionals who know what services are available in Milwaukee, and they will help you get access to those services. They are also members of our community, who know the unique challenges and strengths Milwaukee families of color experience.


Some Family Navigation services include:

  • Listening to your concerns
  • Answering your questions about autism
  • Helping you access autism screening for your child
  • Helping you access autism diagnosis for your child
  • Assisting you in getting services for your child and family
  • Connecting you to other families who have also experienced autism

Autism Family Navigation Services through Milwaukee ECQuIP are provided free of charge.

For more information about receiving Family Navigation services through the ECQuIP project, please call (414) 288-3727 or email us at

Visit the Marquette Autism Consortium on the Web:

Milwaukee ECQUiP is funded via a grant from the University of Wisconsin, Madison. The statewide project is funded by the Health Research Services Administration (HRSA).