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Strategies and Workgroups

What We Do

Strategy 1: Connecting Parents to Resources and Each Other

CCMH is supporting a Community of Practice (CoP) for Community Health Workers (CHWs) and others that assist families to find the right services for their children.

Community Health Workers are trusted connectors that build connections across neighborhoods and connect families to health care, as well as other services to help families stay strong.

Strategy 2a: Parent Leadership and Development

CCMH aims to develop and implement a continuum of parent leadership development opportunities to support community engagement in designing project activities, guiding CCMH strategies, and informing the work of other initiatives locally and statewide. We hope to create a culture change in the field by establishing and supporting parent leadership as a norm in project implementation, on going development, and continuous quality improvement. Parent leadership development offers caregivers from all walks of life the support they need to get involved, learn new leadership and advocacy skills, build social supports, and guide CCMH and other aligned work in the community around improving children’s behavioral health. This strategy is being developed by a diverse (and passionate!) team of parents and caregivers who are currently designing the leadership development pathway.

Strategy 2b: Workforce Development

We believe that the responsibility for supporting children’s optimal development and well-being is shared by every person that crosses that child's life. We will engage and support families in all aspects of CCMH leadership; we will ensure that our work is based on community voice. CCMH community partners will be supported in the intentional, meaningful engagement of parents and community members to drive service design and delivery, inform policies, and encourage parent leadership within their own organizations. We will develop and provide training around core competencies for people working with families in our community. 

Strategy 3: Early Identification and Intervention

Some children have extra challenges as they grow, and the sooner we can identify those challenges, the better.  We want to ensure that every child and family in Milwaukee has access to an expert that can identify whether they could benefit from extra services.  This way, all children in Milwaukee will begin kindergarten ready to learn.

Our Workgroups: 

We meet in workgroups that focus on each of our strategies and we welcome you!

If you would like more information on any of these strategies, or would like to get involved in one or more of the workgroups, please contact us.