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Workforce Development

What We Do

At CCMH, we believe that every person who interacts with a young child and their caregivers has the opportunity to leave a positive impact on that family. Whether you are a parent, a pediatrician, a teacher, or somebody’s neighbor, understanding the factors that influence positive mental health and build resiliency in children is important so we can build healthy kids and strengthen our community.

The video below, by Harvard's Center on the Developing Child, explains how this works and why.

Our goal is to have a workforce across our community that is skilled enough to identify early and respond appropriately to concerns that arise. In addition, we want a workforce that is helping develop the social and emotional skills and wellbeing of all kids wherever they are (school, home, clinic, library, etc.). We have developed the pyramid below to show that there is foundational knowledge that everyone can have. If you are a librarian, what do you need to know about children’s mental health to interact with a family that checks out a book? Or with an adult who may be irritated because of late fees?

We are currently developing workshops to build on core competencies, the knowledge everyone should have. Specifically, we are including the personal views and stories of parents in our Coalition who are co-developing the workshop and will also help facilitate the workshops once ready to go. More to come on the second phase of this work soon!