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Purpose, Mission, and Philosophy

Who We Are

Photo from Visit Milwaukee

Our Purpose:

Build upon the strengths of our families, communities, and systems to promote children's optimal social emotional health and well-being. 

Our Mission:

We welcome others to join us in making it easier for families with babies and children up to age eight in Milwaukee to find the resources that can help each child to grow, while questioning policies and practices that could better support families.

Our Philosophy:

Our values are an important part of how we do our work.  Some of our values are:

  • Awareness that parents and families in Milwaukee have unique experiences and their voices must be heard
  • Empathy and respect
  • Fair access to resources and services
  • Authentically bringing individuals and groups into our work in a way that shares power
  • Community members’ confidence in our ability to control our choices
  • Diversity and active participation