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What We Do

Overview of the Coalition (CCMH)

The Milwaukee Coalition for Children’s Mental Health (CCMH) is a group of people that want to change the odds for children in Milwaukee.

We are excited about our four strategies:

  1. connect parents and families to resources and to one another
  2. build parent leadership
  3. expand training for community health workers
  4. help every child in Milwaukee to get a brain building check-up

The most important part of our work is to follow--not lead--families that have experienced trauma and mental health concerns.  We focus time and energy challenging assumptions and stereotypes.

We know that what’s best for children in Milwaukee comes when families lead the way and each child-serving organization makes sure their work moves in the same direction as other organizations.

We envision the next generation of Milwaukee full of families with enough income and; we know that our future depends on healthy, happy children with strong mental health.

We want to spread programs that our families say are supporting Milwaukee children in their first eight years.

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